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Is Bullet Splash Real Part II

Ruger American 204Ruger, ICD Chassis, Vortex Razor LHT

I have this Old Gun 150 Year Old Flobert Cadet .22 Rifle!

350 Legend at 415 yards!

Lehigh Defense 150gr CF Prototype Bullet

Is The Ruger American Go Wild 350Legend Accurate at 307 Yards?

Lehigh Defense 150gr CF Prototype Bullet

Could This Be Your Next 300 yard Deer Rifle?

Lehigh Defense 150gr CF Prototype Bullet

350 Legend Subsonic at 200 yards

9mm 1:10 twist barrel rechambered

350 Legend at Warp Speed into Meat and Jello

AR500 Targets and Stand 542 Yard Shots 260AI

Is It Possible 350 Legend at 3,033 fps

The Buck Who Inspired My AP2020 Logo!

My success rate has increased dramatically when I started hunting coyotes at night. The use of night vision and thermal equipment has evened the odds when I pursue Wily E. Coyote!

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