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From my humble beginnings as a little boy growing up in Marion, Ohio in the 1970's dreaming of hunting in the exotic wild places of the world, I am truly blessed to be producing video content for many fine folks in the Outdoors Industry. 

      My Father first introduced to the world photography and videography. Back in the 1970's I learned how to use a Kodak Super 8 film camera. It literally used film to capture moving pictures! Fast forward to 2011, I started my YouTube Channel where I started filming my hunting and shooting adventures. 

     I now produce video content for many folks in the hunting and shooting industry. I have the latest 4K video cameras, sound and lighting equipment, as well as an Edgertronic high speed slow motion video camera. My passion is producing videos of the outdoors. I hope to share that passion with you!

Thank you

Nito Mortera